Company ProfileElmas Ambalaj

The company was established in early 2018 and aspires to be one of the leading companies in the field of printing and packaging. It always strives to develop and deliver the product with the highest quality possible and provide the best customer service by following precise practical steps and by providing a distinct and strong service to its customers. Almas is proud of its highly qualified and exceptional human cadres, who form a network of diverse expertise and skills at all levels. Almas Amplaj aspires to meet all the requirements of its customers as quickly as possible and the most effective and confident by following the standards and technologies in the world on the basis of the company's future vision of providing the best solutions and the best service and on time for customers. With customer satisfaction, quality-oriented service, and environmental sensitivity, we are proud to be a business partner that makes a difference by providing meaningful contributions to your products.

elmas ambalaj

After-sales service

Elmas seeks to secure the needs of customers in all stages of their production, including consulting, technical support, development and modernization.

Defined by

The Quality

Elmas takes the quality as a approach to find the best packaging solutions to keep up with customer requirements to achieve the most important international quality standards.

The Speed

Elmas provides all packaging solutions to customers as quickly as possible, in addition to responding to their requests and inquiries immediately.

Work mechanism


Order and date

A specialized sales team, studying the product, determining the types of films that suit your needs, following up the order and setting the date, following up on the delivery of the order.


Preparing before printing

A team of graphic design experts, consultative and proactive services before printing, adaptation to reproduction and design changes and printing methods.


Flexo printing

Flexo printing machines that up to 8 colors. Flat and reverse printing on plastic films, printing width 1220.



High Speed Merging Machine - Wide Width (1200mm) - Suitable for Foods - Thin Glue Up to Quadruple.


Slicing and dicing

High-speed cutting machines, forming your products with a roll product capability.


Bag production

Tape and no-tape bag with seashell package, Quadro bag blown and welded with four corners, Pillow type bag.